01. Many women who become prostitutes were sexually [abused] as children.
02. There are many child workers who are [abused] by factory owners in some countries.
03. Don't [abuse] your privileges or they will be taken away.
04. She got a divorce because her husband was [abusive] towards her and the children.
05. [Abuse] of medicine can be very dangerous.
06. Georgia was in an [abusive] relationship with this guy for over three years before she finally found the courage and resources to leave him.
07. Women fleeing an [abusive] relationship are encouraged to contact the Ministry of Human Resources for help.
08. The [abuse] of women is a terrible and unfortunately not uncommon feature of our society.
09. Lincoln Steffens once remarked that power is what men seek, and any group that gets it will [abuse] it.
10. There is a Bemba proverb which states that [abuse] of hospitality breaks the bridge.
11. I consider smoking around a child or giving a young child very unhealthy food to eat to be a form of [abuse].
12. His body took a lot of [abuse] during the fight.
13. Trade unions are an effective tool against corporate [abuses].
14. A recent study suggests that up to 70% of the young people living on North America's streets left their homes after suffering [abuse] of some kind from family members.
15. One of the coaches of the volleyball team was dismissed from his position for being [abusive] towards his players.
16. Sophie has [abused] her hair by coloring it with cheap drugstore dyes, and now it is very dry, and the color is kind of strange.
17. Sudan has a record of human rights [abuses] by both government and rebel forces.
18. The human rights organization Amnesty International works to mobilize public pressure to stop human rights [abuses] throughout the world.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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